# Workspaces

# Workspaces in Mergin Maps

Workspaces are used to efficiently manage projects, users and subscriptions.

Every workspace is tied to a subscription (opens new window). The subscription plan defines the amount of data storage for the workspace as well as other features, such as commercial use or the level of support.

One workspace can contain multiple projects. The only limit is the storage quota (as defined by the subscription). If needed, projects can be transferred to another workspace.

Users can be invited to a workspace as members or guests. These users don't need to have their own subscription.


Want to read more about workspaces and why they were introduced to Mergin Maps? Visit our blog Introducing Workspaces: Simplified Collaboration (opens new window).


Integrations like PostgreSQL DB Sync, Media Sync and Work Packages do not share the concept of active workspace. They simply work with one specific project from any workspace.

# How to switch between workspaces

You may participate in multiple workspaces. For instance, you can have your personal workspace and be a member of the workspaces of other users.

# Switch workspaces in merginmaps.com

When logged in to app.merginmaps.com, you will see the current workspace under the account name in the right corner of the screen.
current workspace

Click on the account to see the list of all workspaces that are available to you. The active workspace is highlighted. Switch to another workspace by simply clicking on its name in the list.
switch workspace

# Switch workspaces in Mergin Maps Input

Navigate to My Account in Mergin Maps Input. Here you will see the name of the current workspace and workspace details.

Tap on the Switch workspace button. From the list of available workspaces, select the one you want to switch to:

# Switch workspaces in QGIS

Navigate to Mergin Maps in the Browser panel. The name of the current workspace is displayed in square brackets.

Right click on the plugin's name and select Switch workspace

From the list of available workspaces, select the one you want to switch to:

# How to create a new workspace

  1. Log in to app.merginmaps.com
  2. Click on your account and navigate to Manage workspaces
    manage workspaces
  3. Here, you can see the overview of your existing workspaces. Click on Create workspace
    create workspace
  4. Fill in the name and description of your new workspace
    new workspace
  5. Now you have a new workspace! You can create projects in the workspace and invite other users to contribute.
    new workspace

Currently, it is possible to have up to 3 workspaces. Note that every workspace has its own subscription. When created, the workspace has automatically a free subscription. If you want to use it commercially or need more storage, you will have to switch to a paid subscription.

See our pricing (opens new window) for details about different plans.

# How to delete a workspace

  1. Make sure you are in the workspace you want to remove
  2. Navigate to Settings and select Close workspace
  3. Confirm the closing of a workspace by typing the workspace name and click on Delete
    confirm delete