# Searching for Values in Attribute Fields

In Mergin Maps mobile app, you can search for the content of fields in spatial layers and non-spatial tables, as well as searching values from multiple fields.

# Setting identifiable layers in QGIS project

To be able to browse the attributes of a layer, it needs to be set as Identifiable in your QGIS Documentation QGIS project (opens new window).

  1. Open your QGIS project
  2. In the Menu > Project > Properties click on Data Sources
  3. Check and uncheck layers in the Identifiable column to define which layers you want to be able to browse in your project.

QGIS identifiable data sources


If you define a layer as not identifiable, you won't be able to tap it in Mergin Maps mobile app or use the Identify tool in QGIS to see its attribute form.

By default, all attributes are searchable. You can exclude a field from the search in the Layer properties.

  1. Navigate to the Fields tab
  2. Check the Not searchable option in the Configuration column
    QGIS Not searchable field


If a field is marked in a field configuration as Not searchable, it will be omitted from the search. There will be no search results, even if you search for a specific existing value of this field.

# Searching for values in Mergin Maps mobile app

Attribute data can be browsed in Mergin Maps mobile app by tapping Layers in the More tab.

Mergin Maps mobile app Layers in More tab

Choose a layer or a table from the list to open the attribute table. Here, you can browse the features. The search bar can be used to shortlist matching records.

Tap on the record to zoom to the feature on the map and display its form.

Mergin Maps mobile app browse data


The search looks up for a match in all searchable attributes values and is not case sensitive.