# How to Stake Out Points

Points in your survey layers can be staked out. Mergin Maps mobile app will navigate you towards the selected point showing you the direction and distance.

There are two stake out modes:

  • long navigation mode
  • short navigation mode


Accurate stake out in short navigation mode may require an external GPS receiver with GPS corrections.

# Stake out in Mergin Maps mobile app

  1. Select a point in your map window. From the form select the Stake out icon:
    Stake out feature Mergin Maps mobile app

  2. Stake out panel will appear showing the current distance and a connecting line between your position and the point.
    Long range stake out panel

  3. Once you are closer to the point (less than 1 m), the stake out panel will switch to short navigation mode.
    Short range stake out panel

  4. Precise stake out of the point (distance less than 10 cm) is highlighted by green:
    Highlighted precise stake out

# Changing stake out distance units in QGIS

Distance units displayed by the mobile app are defined in your project properties:

  1. Open your Mergin Maps project in QGIS

  2. Navigate to Project Properties

  3. In the General tab, you can define the Units for distance measurement by choosing from several options, such as metres, miles, yards or feet.

    Units defined here are then used by default when measuring distances in QGIS, as well as during stake out in the mobile app

    QGIS Project Properties Units for distance measurement