The easiest way to take your QGIS projects into the field

Capture Geoinfo easily through your mobile or tablet then share it with the team for seamless collaboration.

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The Geodata Platform Your Whole Organization Will Love

Who knew it'd be straightforward? Collaborate safely with others on the same geodata. See colleagues' updates in near real time, even from the field. Works offline. Edits are merged automatically. View and edit geodata in the field. Integrate with existing GIS infrastructure using open formats.

Capture geodata easily with your mobile or tablet

Remove the pain of transcribing paper field notes, georeferencing photos and transcribing GPS coordinates.

Popular features

  • View your data and location on the map
  • Capture points, lines, areas and photos
  • Scan barcodes and QR codes

Store and track changes to
your geodata

A collaborative space allowing you to store and synchronise projects across multiple mobile and desktop clients

Popular features

  • Sync data with one press and no cables
  • Automatically and safely merge edits from different surveyors
  • Store and version your data safely in the cloud

Integration with powerful open source GIS

Use QGIS to make the latest spatial information available to all your staff or generate added value for clients.

Popular features

  • Create survey projects with just a few clicks
  • Compatible with your existing QGIS projects
  • All the features of QGIS (e.g. analysis, print-ready maps)
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users in over 190 countries effectively collaborate on spatial data with Mergin Maps

Where Mergin Maps is already helping

Mergin Maps is developed by Lutra Consulting. With more than 10 years of experience helping organisations adopt open source GIS, we designed Mergin Maps to help solve challenges in a wide range of industries. Lutra Consulting is part of the core QGIS development team.

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Customer stories

With Input on the field, everything becomes easy and very convenient. It turned our GCP collection efficient through an up-to-date approach during the preparation, the general navigation, the point survey and its documentation including photos as well as the final integration.

Valentin Schmitt
Chef de l'atelier imagerie at IGNFI

The software is fantastic and worth every cent ! It's a rare example of being a truly not-annoying piece of software.  It does everything I need, pretty much exactly how I want it to do it.  I love that you have open-sourced the software too, that gives me a lot of confidence in its survival long-term.

Daniel McCurdy
Archaeologist at Geometria Ltd.

This app has made my job so much easier and quicker! We use Mergin Maps for logging soil sample locations and observations in field. It works and is brilliant. So simple to use and has revolutionized field work!

Becky Willson
Technical Director at Farm Carbon Toolkit

Best field software we've used in a while. Easy to use, easy to maintain, not bulky on the phone, ports with QGIS very well, and has a free user level that is accessible to all!

Fin Meneses
Land Surveyor at Manila Water Company, Inc.

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