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We are bringing the benefits of open source GIS to businesses without compromises

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About us

At Lutra Consulting, we’ve been on a mission to change perceptions of open source GIS systems, as we believe they are mature, well supported and affordable solutions to most organisations. By providing consultancy, training and support for QGIS integration, we have encouraged hundreds of clients to take on the benefits of open source GIS systems such as the flexibility of OGC data standards and cost-effectiveness. Over the years, we have built several core QGIS plugins and features such as 3D modelling, point cloud and cloud native processing and visualisation.

Since 2017, Lutra Consulting has been developing Mergin Maps, an open source field data collection tool for surveyors in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, telecommunications, ecology and habitat mapping. Mergin Maps is an application, platform and a plugin built on top of QGIS with the goal of taking QGIS to the field for mobile data collection.

From consulting individual projects to the product used by tens of thousands


70 000+ registered accounts


Rebranding of Mergin and Input into Mergin Maps


First release of cloud synchronisation tool called Mergin


First lightweight QGIS field app for Android called Input


Start of QGIS core development after we were joined by QGIS developer Martin Dobias.


Lutra Consulting established by Saber Razmjooei and Peter Wells.

What we stand for


We are open, transparent and honest to each other and our customers


Our products and services are as simple as possible and easy to use for everyone

Giving back

We grew up as a part of a community and want to contribute and give back so everyone can benefit

“We think anyone should be able to gain insight from location data and feel this is possible using open source GIS. We believe powerful solutions can also be easy to use.”

Saber Razmjooei
Managing Director
Saber Razmjooei

Giving back to the open source community and the world

As a part of giving back, we are supporting various open source projects and communities from OSGEO to FOSS4G. And we are planting trees to reduce our environmental footprint.

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