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"We think anyone should be able to gain insight from location data and feel this is possible using open source GIS. We believe powerful solutions can also be easy to use."
Saber Razmjooei
Managing Director

A brief history of Mergin Maps

Lutra Consulting Limited have been helping organisations adopt open source GIS for over ten years. We developed Mergin Maps to bring mobile, desktop and web GIS technologies closer together in a way that's easy to use.

Lutra Consulting established

by Saber and Peter Wells. Many early projects were water-related including the release of the Crayfish plugin in 2012 which has since evolved to support time-varying mesh formats directly in QGIS.

start of QGIS core development

as they were joined by long-time core QGIS developer Martin Dobias.
In 2014 Lutra launched their first QGIS Commercial Support packages providing bug-fixes for QGIS.

saw first lightweight Android app

(known as Input) which allowed users to take their QGIS projects to the field. In 2021 Mergin Community Edition released as open source software. In 2022 Input and Mergin were merged to form Mergin Maps
Saber Razmjooei
Peter Wells
Martin Dobias
Peter Petrik

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