Utilise a powerful geospatial tool to streamline data collection, ensure data quality, improve collaboration and take benefit of impactful ecological survey

Trusted by more than 80 000 users

in over 190 countries that effectively collaborate on geospatial data with Mergin Maps software.

Harness the power of QGIS in ecology


Go offline

Collect GIS data in areas without internet connectivity to ensure uninterrupted operations even in remote locations.


Capture spatial data and geotagged photos

Collect points, lines or polygons. Take geotagged photos with your phone, or connect to an external GPS for better accuracy.


Template projects
for streamlining data collection

Utilise predefined forms for specific ecological data like species sightings, habitat assessments, and plot sampling - reducing setup time and ensuring consistency.


Powerful cartography
for displaying different species

Choose your own style, colors and icons to represent objects in your field survey. Use the symbology in QGIS or upload your own symbols.


Data validation with advanced form set up

Create easy-to-follow forms for survey teams. Use tabs, conditional formatting or auto-calculate values.


Work collaboratively

Sync the project to your team with one click, add surveyors, guests or share project results with your clients easily.

See how ecological organizations use Mergin Maps for a field survey

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