Water utility

Record field data like water pressure readings, leak locations, or repair completion
to eliminate paper forms. Enable real-time data updates accessible to the central office.

Trusted by more than 100 000 users

in over 190 countries that effectively collaborate on geospatial data with Mergin Maps software.

Harness the power of QGIS for water utilities


Offline functionality

Capture data seamlessly in remote areas with limited or no internet connectivity.


GPS integration and asset mapping

Accurately record the location of water meters, hydrants, valves, leaks,
and other critical infrastructure assets.


Pre-defined forms and data validation

Utilise customizable forms for tasks like meter reading, leak detection,
or maintenance activities.


Photo capture

Capture geo-tagged photos to document infrastructure conditions, leak locations, repairs completed,
or other observations.


Real-time data sharing and collaboration

Share data updates, observations, and photos with colleagues and supervisors in real-time.


Barcode scanning

Efficiently identify and record data associated with specific assets, such as meter readings or maintenance history linked to barcode tags on equipment.

See how other companies use Mergin Maps for field surveys

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