# Contribute

How to contribute to the project?

We are happy to help to promote work or co-author and place on our websites or give special offer for Mergin Maps Cloud for project contributors.

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# Use and review

Write a review of the application on App Store or Android Google Play

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# Translate

To help with translations, join Mergin Maps Transifex team (opens new window)

# Write or talk about us

  • Publish paper about the technology
  • Write a blog post
  • Write a case study
  • Create a YouTube video and share
  • Create tweet, Facebook post
  • Talk on conferences

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# Test

Test the application and report the bugs

or for other subprojects

# Develop

Software developer? Code and prepare a pull request. We will help you with setup of the development environment and answer your questions.

or for other subprojects

  • Donate
  • Subscribe to the Mergin Maps
  • Sponsor a bug-fixing sprint, or a new feature