# Extra Position Variables

Mergin Maps Input provides the option to access GPS information using an extra position variables. Note that location permission have to be allowed and location service has to be enabled.

Extra position variables can be used as default values in feature forms.

Following variables are supported:

  • @position_coordinate - A point with the coordinates in WGS84.
  • @position_latitude - Latitude
  • @position_longitude - Longitude
  • @position_altitude - Altitude
  • @position_direction - The bearing measured in degrees clockwise from true north to the direction of travel.
  • @position_ground_speed - The ground speed, in meters/sec.
  • @position_vertical_speed - The vertical speed, in meters/sec.
  • @position_magnetic_variation - The angle between the horizontal component of the magnetic field and true north, in degrees. Also known as magnetic declination. A positive value indicates a clockwise direction from true north and a negative value indicates a counter-clockwise direction.
  • @position_horizontal_accuracy - The accuracy of the provided latitude-longitude value, in meters.
  • @position_vertical_accuracy - The accuracy of the provided altitude value, in meters.
  • @position_from_gps - True, if recorder/edited feature's geometry correspond with current user's position
    (Position marker has the same location as the crosshairs marker).