# Troubleshoot

Did you encounter an issue when using Mergin Maps? Here are some troubleshooting tips and resources that can help:

Need more help with your issue? Lutra Consulting Ltd. provides commercial support and free standard support for active subscriptions.

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# Support

# Commercial SLA support

The commercial support or consultancy for your projects is carried by Lutra Consulting Ltd.


Please see the support packages available. SLA support offers you the contracted response time, dedicated hotline as well as premium email support.

# Subscribed client support

If you have an active subscription on app.merginmaps.com, we also offer free standard support on support@merginmaps.com.

# Community support

# Diagnostic logs

If you experience any issues with syncing data, you can send diagnostic logs to the developers for debugging the issues. Logs contain detailed information about application run, so there may be hints for you on how to troubleshoot the problem. Once you have uploaded the logs, you can contact us on support@merginmaps.com to look into the issues.

# Diagnostic log on Mergin Maps plugin for QGIS

The diagnostic log client-log.txt can be found in the .mergin folder located in the project folder on your computer.

To send the diagnostic log to the developers:

  1. Navigate to your local project in Browser panel under Mergin Maps plugin for QGIS
  2. Right-click on the project and select Diagnostic log
    Diagnostic log in Mergin Maps plugin for QGIS
  3. Click OK to proceed

Submit diagnostic logs message

# Diagnostic log on Mergin Maps Input

To access the diagnostic log in Mergin Maps Input:

  1. Tap More and open Settings

  2. Select Diagnostic log to display the log
    Access diagnostic log in Mergin Maps Input

  3. If you want to send the log to the developers, tap the Send to Developers button.
    Send diagnostic log to developers