# Home Page and Dashboard

When you log in to Mergin Maps, you will be presented with a dashboard for quick access to your recent active projects. Here, you can also manage your projects, organisations, profile and subscription plan.

left panel - dashboard

Home takes you back to the homepage with the list of the most recent projects.

# User profile

The left navigation panel shows the name of the current profile. Clicking on the name will open a drop-down menu, where you can switch between your profile and your organisation profile.

profile switch

You can access your account details in the Settings section under Profile. Here you can change your password, verify your email or close your account. Use Edit profile to enter your name or turn on/off email notifications.

You will also see the list of organisations you belong to and pending invitations to join an organisation.


# Organisations

The organisation profile can be also accessed by clicking on the organisation name in the Organisations section.

The organisation profile contains the list of organisation's projects. The account details can be found under Profile in the Setting sections. The Members tab provides the overview of users and their permissions within the team.
organisation profile


Visit Working with organisations to learn more about organisations.

# Projects

  • To create a new project, select + Create in front of Projects
  • My projects lists all projects you have created
  • Shared with me lists the projects of others shared you (including your organisation projects)
  • Explore lists all the public projects

Click on a project to download it, clone it and to see its details.

  • FILES lists files associated with the project
  • HISTORY contains all project versions. Here you can see what was changed by which user and download a previous version of the project to your computer.
  • in SETTINGS you can manage access to your project, e.g. if you want to share it

# Subscription

Subscription section contains information about your subscription and billing:

  • DETAIL contains details about your current subscription and data usage. Here you can also change your plan and the frequency of your subscription billing.
  • HISTORY includes the list of events related to your account, such as changing the plan or the payment history.
  • INVOICES contains the list of your previous payments and invoices