# Home Page and Dashboard

When you log in to Mergin website, you will be presented with a dashboard for quick access to your latest projects or the ones shared with you.

On the left panel, you can access your profile, organisation(s) and subscription plan:

left panel - dashboard

  • To switch between your profile and your organisation profile, you can click on the drop-down menu near the profile icon on the top left

  • Select Home to take you back to the list of most recent projects

  • Under Projects:

    • To create a new project, select + Create in front of Projects
    • My projects lists all projects you have created
    • Shared with me lists the projects of others shared you (including your organisation projects)
    • Explore lists all the public projects
  • Under Organisations:

    • To create a new organisation, select + Create in front of Organisations
    • To switch to your organisation profile, click on the organisation from the panel

For more information about organisations, visit working with organisations page.

  • Under Settings:
    • Profile displays your account details, email notification settings and invitations to join organisations.
    • Subscriptions: displays your plans, payment history and invoices

At the bottom of the panel, you can view your current storage quota, access to help and support.