# Home Page and Dashboard

When you log in to Mergin Maps, you will be presented with a dashboard for quick access to your recent active projects. Here, you can also manage your projects, workspaces, profile and subscriptions.

left panel - dashboard

Current workspace and your username are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click Home in the left panel to go back to the homepage with the list of the most recent projects.

# Projects

Projects tab in the left panel displays the list overview of the projects that are available to you in this workspace.

  • click on + Create to create a new project,
  • use Find Public Projects to browse public projects
  • select a project to see its details

When you open a project, there is an option to share it, download it and clone it.

  • in FILES you will find all files associated with the project. Click on a file to see the details, download it or delete it.
  • MAP (beta) contains the map overview of the project. It is available if you have professional or team subscription (opens new window). The content is updated when the project is synchronised - if you see the message "Map config does not exist, please try to update the project", sync the project and the map overview should be generated.
  • HISTORY contains all project versions. Here you can see what was changed by which user and download a previous version of the project to your computer.
  • in SETTINGS you can manage access to the project

# Members

The Members tab provides the overview of the members and guests of the workspace. Here, you can add users to your workspace and manage their permissions.

# Subscription

The Subscription tab contains information about your subscription and invoicing.

  • DETAIL contains details about your current data usage and subscription. Here you can also change your plan and the frequency of your subscription billing.
  • HISTORY includes the list of events related to your account, such as changing the plan or the payment history.
  • INVOICES contains the list of your previous payments and invoices

# Settings

In the Settings tab, you will find information about the current workspace.

  • use Edit Workspace to change the description of the workspace
  • use Close Workspace to delete the workspace

# User profile

The User profile tab contains information about your current profile.

Here you can change your password, verify your email or close your account. Use Edit profile to enter your name or turn on/off email notifications.


# Manage workspaces

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the current workspace and your username. Click on it to switch between workspaces and to Manage workspaces.
profile menu

Click on Manage workspaces to see the overview of workspaces to which you have access as a guest, member or owner. Here you can create a new workspace, leave a workspace and accept/decline invitations to other users' workspaces.
manage workspaces