# How to Share, Transfer or Delete Projects

# Share projects and manage user access

You can share your Mergin Maps project with others by inviting them to be a member or a guest in your workspace. You can also make your Mergin Maps project accessible to everyone by making it public.


When granting access to workspaces and projects, it is important to set appropriate permissions to your team members to avoid unwanted modifications of projects.


You can follow our Working collaboratively tutorial to see detailed instructions on how to share your project by inviting a user to your workspace as a guest or by sharing a link to your project with your teammates.

# Add users to a workspace

If you want to share all projects in your workspace with a group of users, you can invite them to be a member of a workspace. It is also possible to invite people as guests and share only selected projects with them.

You have to be the admin or owner of the workspace to manage access to the workspace. See Member Roles and Permissions for more details.

To add users to a workspace:

  1. Log into app.merginmaps.com

  2. Select Members from the left panel and click on Add People
    Add people in Members tab in Mergin Maps

  3. In the invite form, enter the email addresses of people you want to invite.
    Select if you invite them as members or as guests:

    • for members, select their member role. Members have access to all projects in the workspace.
    • for guests, specify the projects to which they should have access. When inviting guests, you can give them read or write permissions to these projects.
      Invite teammates and set permissions form
  4. Click on Invite to send an invitation. An email with a link will be sent to the recipients. After they accept the invitation, they will become members or guests of your workspace.

# Add users to a project

Access to a specific project can be also managed in the project's settings. From here, you can also invite users to become guests in the workspace and gain access to this project.


Similarly, you can also update the member's role for this project. For example, you may grant a write access to a member that has only a Reader role in the workspace. Go to Member Roles and Permissions to learn more about this topic.

  1. Log into app.merginmaps.com

  2. Select Projects from the left panel and click on the project you want to manage
    Mergin Maps dashboard Project tab

  3. Go to Settings. Here you can manage the permissions of users who have access to the project or remove them from the project.
    Mergin Maps project settings web

  4. Click on Share
    Share project button

  5. Enter the email addresses of the users you want to invite as guests. Click Next
    Share project with teammate via email


    If you want to modify permissions for a workspace member, enter their Mergin Maps username to the Share with prompt. After clicking Next, they will be added to the Manage Access table in Settings where you can change their permissions to this project.

  6. In the invite form, it is possible to add more projects to share and set the permissions.
    Click Next.
    Invite teammates to workspace form

  7. Click on Share to send an email with a link to the recipients. After accepting the invitation, they will become a guest in your workspace.
    Invite teammates to workspace form

Another method that is suitable for sharing a project with a large number of users is to send them a link to your project, such as Mergin Maps Project sarah/Basic survey/tree sarah/Basic survey/tree (opens new window).

  1. Log into app.merginmaps.com
  2. Go to the project you want to share
  3. Copy the link from your web browser and share it with your colleagues
    Copy project URL

If you send a link to a private project, users can request access after logging into app.merginmaps.com.
Request access to private project button

Once the user requests access, you (or another project owner) can open the project settings and grant them appropriate permissions and accept their request.
Access requests

# Make your project public/private

Your projects are private by default. If you make it public, everyone can see your data and project history. However, they cannot contribute to your public project unless you grant them the write permission.

  1. Choose the project you want to make public
  2. Go to Settings and click on Make public

If you change your mind, you can make your project private by clicking Make private.

Make project public button

# Transfer a project

A Mergin Maps project can be transferred to another workspace. This can be useful when there are personal changes in your team or if you have multiple workspaces and want to manage the storage between them.

  1. Make sure to correctly synchronise all changes from your collaborators and devices. If you fail to do that, their local changes will be lost!

  2. After synchronisation, all collaborators have to remove the project from their devices

  3. Log in to app.merginmaps.com and choose the project you want to transfer

  4. Go to Settings and click on Transfer project
    Mergin Maps project settings

  5. Enter the name of the workspace to which the project should be transferred and click on Request transfer
    Transfer project form

    The owner of the new workspace will be notified and will be able to accept or deny the request through app.merginmaps.com.
    Project transfer requests

    The request is valid for 6 days. If the request is not accepted after this period, the project will remain in the original workspace.

  6. If the same team wants to continue contributing to the project, they need to download the transferred project from the new workspace.

# Delete a project

If you want to delete a project, you can do so through app.merginmaps.com or using the Mergin Maps QGIS plugin.

After deleting a project, it is kept on Mergin Maps servers for 14 days before it is deleted permanently. During this period, it can be restored if you contact support@merginmaps.com.

If you want to create a new project with the same name sooner, you can contact support@merginmaps.com.


If you reuse the name of a deleted project, make sure to coordinate your team to follow the steps described in How to Deploy Revised Projects.

To avoid synchronisation issues, everyone should delete the old project from all devices and then download the new project.

# Delete a project through merginmaps.com

  1. Log in app.merginmaps.com and choose the project you want to delete
  2. Go to Settings and click on Delete project

Delete project button

# Delete a project using the Mergin Maps QGIS plugin

Using the Mergin Maps QGIS plugin, you can delete a Mergin Maps project either locally on your PC or on the Mergin Maps server. To be able to delete the project on the server, you need to first delete the files locally.

  1. In QGIS, go to the Mergin Maps in the Browser panel

  2. Right-click on the project name and select Remove locally. This will remove the project from your PC. The project will be still available on the Mergin Maps server. You will be able to download the project again.
    QGIS Remove Mergin Maps project locally in QGIS

  3. Right-click on the project name again and select Remove from server option. This will remove the Mergin Maps project completely.
    QGIS Remove Mergin Maps project from server