# Project History and Versions

Each time someone synchronises the project from a mobile device or from QGIS through Mergin Maps QGIS plugin, a new project version will be created. Thus, it is possible to see the details of the changes made in Mergin Maps project by different users or devices.

On app.merginmaps.com, you can view what files have been added or removed. If you use GeoPackage for your survey, you can also see the list of the features which have been added, deleted or updated.


Great tools to inspect the project history and compare changes between project versions can be found in the QGIS plugin:

  • use Create report to get an overview of changes for a range of project versions.
  • use Create diff to extract changes made between two versions of a layer

# Project history

To see the project history:

  1. Log in app.merginmaps.com and open your project
  2. Navigate to the HISTORY tab
  3. Here, you can find:
  • the version of the project based on the number of synchronisations. Click on the version to see the changelog.
  • the time when was the version created
  • the Author of this version (who made the changes)
  • overview of the number of files that were added, deleted and updated
  • Size of the project
  • option to download this version of the project

Mergin Maps project history web

# Advanced changelog

To see more details of a specific version:

  1. Click on the version number you'd like to view the details
    Version number in Mergin Maps project history

  2. In addition to the Version and Author, you can also see:

    • Created displays the exact date and time of when was the change synchronised

    • User Agent indicates device, operating system and tool used to create the version

    • Files changes contain the summary of changes
      Mergin Maps project history version details

      Files changes can be expanded to include even more details. If you use GeoPackage for your layers, you can see a summary of features added, deleted or updated for each table (layer).

      Here, one layer parks.gpkg was added to the project, one layer survey-test was removed from the project, the project file trees-and-hedges.qgz was modified and there are some changes in the trees layer.

      Files changes in Mergin Maps project history

  3. Let's see what was changed in more detail by clicking on the Show Advanced button.
    Show Advanced details of features changes

  4. Now we can see the changes in detail.

    • Change denotes the type of change: added, removed or modified feature
    • geom includes changes in the feature's geometry

    In this case, there are multiple changes in the trees layer. One feature (fid: 5) was added, one feature (fid: 1) was deleted and the attributes of two features (fid: 2 and fid: 3) were modified. In addition, one of them (fid: 3) has also changed in geometry: the point was moved to a new position.

    Features changes details in Mergin Maps