# How to Install Mergin Maps Mobile App

With the mobile app, you can view your data and location on the map, capture points, lines, areas, photos and much more.

Download Mergin Maps mobile app to your Android device, iPhone or iPad. You can find it in the app store of your platform:

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Available on Windows

You can use the mobile app without having a Mergin Maps account. Our Capturing Your First Field Data tutorial will show you how to create a project and capture your first data in the field.

However, to make full use of Mergin Maps, we recommend you signing up to Mergin Maps. When sign in, you can use Mergin Maps dashboard to, e.g., manage your projects and share them with other users, or use our QGIS plugin to get your data and projects to QGIS Documentation QGIS (opens new window).


Do you want to learn more? Get up-to-speed quickly by following our Quick Start tutorials.

These tutorials cover all the basics from capturing data in the field, opening them on your computer in QGIS, improving the project settings in QGIS and going back to the field.

# Mergin Maps mobile app on Windows

If you want to use the mobile app on Windows, you need to download the .exe installer from MerginMaps/mobile (opens new window) repository and install it on your computer.