# How to Install Mergin Maps QGIS Plugin

Before the installation of Mergin Maps QGIS plugin, please ensure you have already:

# Plugin installation

  1. Open QGIS on your computer

  2. Select Manage and Install Plugins... in the Plugins tab:
    QGIS Manage and Install Plugins

  3. Find the Mergin Maps plugin and click Install Plugin:
    Mergin Maps Plugin Installation

  4. Close the Plugins dialog. The Mergin Maps QGIS plugin toolbar should appear in QGIS:
    Mergin Maps Plugin Toolbar in QGIS


    If you cannot see the toolbar, ensure Mergin Maps Toolbar is checked under View > Toolbars.

# Plugin configuration

With the plugin installed, we'll now configure it with your Mergin Maps credentials.

  1. Click the Configure Mergin Maps QGIS plugin icon on the Mergin Maps Toolbar:
    Configure Mergin Maps Plugin

  2. Enter your login credentials if these are blank

  3. Click Test Connection to verify that everything works correctly. If so, click OK.
    Mergin Maps Plugin in QGIS credentials

Mergin Maps QGIS plugin is now able to load projects from the cloud in QGIS.

The plugin has been installed and configured. You can learn more about its functionality in Mergin Maps QGIS plugin Overview.

# Plugin upgrade

Upgrade the plugin periodically to ensure you can use the latest improvements.

  1. In QGIS, navigate to Manage and Install Plugins... in the Plugins tab
    QGIS Manage and Install Plugins

  2. Find the Mergin Maps plugin. If there is a new version available, click Upgrade Plugin.
    Upgrade Mergin Maps QGIS plugin