# Overview

SaaS Mergin Maps service is a web platform for storage and synchronisation of data between mobile devices, Mergin Maps service and QGIS Desktop.

There is also Mergin Maps Community Edition (Mergin Maps CE) that is licensed as open source software. The source code for Mergin Maps CE can be modified and used for custom deployments. You can contribute your code to MerginMaps/server (opens new window).

Mergin Maps Enterprise Edition (Mergin Maps EE) is another self-hosting option for those who want to run their own deployment of Mergin Maps in an enterprise environment with additional features such as multiple workspaces. Contact our sales team for more details.


Interested in using Mergin Maps EE? More information about Mergin Maps EE, its features and pricing can be found on our website (opens new window).

You can read more about Mergin Maps CE and Mergin Maps EE in our blog Mergin Maps Community and Enterprise Editions (opens new window).