Mergin Maps

Mergin Maps Community and Enterprise Editions

We are excited to share the latest development in the Mergin Maps GIS mapping suite with Community and Enterprise Editions for customers who wish to run their own deployment of Mergin Maps. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes in the last year to bring about a number of enhancements to these editions.

Why two editions?

Mergin Maps Community and Enterprise Editions both play a vital role in our product ecosystem. Mergin Maps Community Edition (CE) is a fully open-source solution for collecting geospatial field data and linking it to the QGIS plugin. The code for Community Edition is available on GitHub, with community-driven development. This makes it the perfect budget-friendly solution for personal users, research institutions, NGOs or anyone who has their own private hosting capacity. Mergin Maps is committed to open-source development for the geospatial community and CE is our way of providing high-end data solutions for the QGIS community.

Mergin Maps Enterprise Edition (EE) combines all the features of CE with enhancements geared towards commercial users and those who wish to use the benefits of our expert customer support for seamless deployment of the Mergin Maps ecosystem. EE comes with client-focused features such as workspaces, which provide flexible options for assigning tasks and sharing projects across users in your organisation. This comes with SLA customer support and consulting services to help your organisation get up and running with the Mergin Maps mobile data collection service. Both EE and CE come without any vendor lock-in to provide users with the greatest flexibility.

Of course, if you prefer not to host your own deployment of Mergin Maps, we also have a SaaS version.

What’s new?

First upgrade in over a year, comes with multiple bug fixes and performance improvements. One of the key new features for both editions is that we have improved the project search function. Now you can search for projects instead of having to click through most recent projects. This will improve information sharing between users in your organisation and also make it easier to find publicly shared projects within the Mergin Maps community.

Enterprise Edition

The latest update to EE brings the introduction of workspaces. These improve the process to add new users to existing projects and manage multiple projects within your organisation across multiple users and groups. You can read more about workspaces on our recent blog

Community Edition

Community Edition also has some significant improvements in this latest update. Most significantly, CE is now available on GitHub, which will allow more community involvement in development. This also means that we can push updates to CE users who link to git which means faster access to new features and bug fixes. Furthermore, CE will always be up to date with EE. We’ve also improved user management in CE, so it is easier to manage user permissions.

For more information see Community and Enterprise editions page.

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