Introducing Workspaces: Simplified Collaboration

Mergin Maps
January 31, 2023
Jan Paulovic
Tomas Mizera

We are happy to announce important changes that will take effect in the upcoming days. These changes aim to simplify team and project management in the Mergin Maps ecosystem. See how Workspaces can change your user experience.

What is a Workspace? A Successor to Organisations and Personal Namespaces

A Workspace is a billing entity and a place to store your projects. Colleagues can be invited to your Workspace to collaborate on various projects within one Workspace. One Workspace serves your entire team and should be sufficient for the needs of your organisation.

Why are we changing the existing structure?

Based on your feedback and an arguably complicated team management in the existing interface, Workspaces are here to simplify your project and user management. Within Workspaces, it is easier to manage and invite new people and to share project data.

Workspaces are here to replace organisations and personal namespaces.

Let us explain how these changes will affect you:

  • Simplified team and project management. Invite colleagues easily via email into one shared Workspace. There is no need to register a user before an invitation to join a project or organisation is sent.
  • Subscriptions linked to Workspaces, not user account. Pricing remains the same, but the Workspace now becomes your single billing unit. Existing users' subscriptions are automatically coupled to the Workspace.
  • Updated navigation panel on the web. The most visible innovation is the new navigation panel. We changed the items of the left menu and separated Workspace management into the upper right panel. The left-side navigation is cleaner now.
  • The Workspace will replace Organisations and Personal Namespaces. We are automatically migrating Organisations and Personal Namespaces into Workspaces. We believe this change will improve your user experience with Mergin Maps.

Keep in mind

  • Your sharing and access remain the same. You will still have access to all projects you previously had and the permissions you set to your team members will not be affected.
  • No manual step is needed from your side, everything will be done automatically.
  • You won't lose any data.
  • All the changes can be seen both on the desktop and the mobile app.

All these changes were made to improve your user experience and user management. We hope to achieve those goals and that you will appreciate the change. If we can be of any help, feel free to contact us at:

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