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Mergin Maps
April 28, 2023
Ryan Aherin

Do you like the idea of having the flexibility of open-source software or are looking for a way to fill the hole in your annual budget left by that bloated, big-name proprietary GIS software but are afraid that you would need a degree in software engineering to make the switch? Maybe you are more technically experienced but still have concerns about the reliability of service provided by open-source software and, if something goes wrong, you could be waiting months before the next bugfix is released. We at Mergin Maps are here to help make your switch to an open-source GIS solution as painless as possible. Whether you are using one of our free packages such as Community Edition, or are a Saas or Enterprise user with multiple teams who need email and video support, we have a support package to suit your needs.

Mergin Maps Slack

All Mergin Maps users have access to our community support Slack channel. This is a great place to hear about updates, report and follow major bugs, find solutions to common questions and learn about how our growing community of users are getting the most out of Mergin Maps.  Many of our developers are active on the channel, as are some of our more experienced community users. You can ask questions about how to use the app or may even find that someone else has already asked a similar question and found a solution. There is also a sub-channel where you can request improvements and new features. 

Basic support

Users who have paid for one of the Mergin Maps subscription tiers get basic support that corresponds to the tier that they have subscribed to. All users at these levels also get unlimited support for critical blocking bugs (e.g. not able to start the app after update, Mergin Maps servers are down, etc.) and payment problems. We also offer onboarding support for clients during their trial period. The support available to each tier per workspace is as follows:

  • Community Edition, Academic, Non-profit: Community Slack support only
  • Individual: One helpdesk ticket per month with a maximum of 5 working days response time, email correspondence only. Access to the Slack community support channel.
  • Pro: Two helpdesk tickets per month with a maximum of 3 working days response time, email correspondence only. Access to the Slack community support channel.
  • Team and Enterprise Edition: Three monthly helpdesk tickets with a maximum response time of 2 working days, email and video support. Access to the Slack community support channel.

Service Level Agreement

If the basic support provision is still not quite fit for your needs, you can upgrade to our Service Level Agreement plans through Lutra Consulting. These support packages give you professional support for both Mergin Maps and QGIS with multiple options to fit your budget and organisational needs. For more information on these packages, please visit the Lutra Consulting support page.

Finally, if you prefer to have in-person support, check out our partners page to find a local support provider near you.

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