Check out the Mergin Maps interview on App of the Day

Mergin Maps
May 4, 2023
Ryan Aherin

Our CPO, Peter Petrik, was interviewed for a Mergin Maps feature on App of the Day. In the interview, he discussed a bit about how he got into app development and the history of Mergin Maps and what type of features we’ll be looking to include in the future. 

App of the Day is a blog that covers a new mobile app every day. They cover a wide range of apps for different uses, some that may even be a bit of a surprise. There are apps for everything from picking the right perfume, doing complex Maths calculations, automobile repair or health and fitness. As for us, we’re going to stick to developing the best app for QGIS field data collection!

Head over to the App of the Day website to see Peter’s interview and check out some of the other apps featured on the website.  

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