# Working Collaboratively

Mergin Maps makes working collaboratively safe and easy.

In this tutorial you'll learn a few different ways of sharing your project with your colleagues.

# Share a project with a specific Mergin Maps user

  1. Navigate to merginmaps.com.

  2. Click on Go to my account to sign in.

    If you are new to Mergin Maps, click on Start for free and sign up to Mergin Maps.

    mergin maps register

  3. Sign in to Mergin Maps. Now, you should see the Mergin Maps dashboard:

  4. Click My projects and then select the trees-and-hedges project:
    my project

  5. Go to SETTINGS:

  6. Enter the Mergin Maps username of the person you wish to invite to collaborate:


We recommend that you always ask your collaborators to confirm their Mergin Maps username rather than just guessing it and risking sharing your project with the wrong person.

  1. When you have selected their username, click Add:
    add user

    You should now see them included in the list of users with access:

  2. If the user needs write access to the project, change their Permissions from reader to writer.

Jill should now have access to the project. This means they will be able to find the trees-and-hedges project under the Shared with me tab when logged in merginmaps.com, Mergin Maps Input and QGIS.
shared with me

# Share a project with many users

If you wish to share a project with more than a handful of users, this method may save you some time.

These steps should be carried out from the Mergin Maps dashboard.

  1. Click My projects then click trees-and-hedges
    my project

  2. Click in the location bar of the browser:

  3. Copy the location:

  4. Send this link to the people you wish to share the project with.

    When they click the link, they will initially be prompted to sign in or register with Mergin Maps. Once logged in, they will see something like this:
    request access

    They should use the button to request access.

  5. Check your dashboard for project access requests. Accept or deny requests accordingly.


    We always recommend verifying the requester's Mergin Maps username before accepting access requests.