# Working Collaboratively

Mergin Maps makes working collaboratively safe and easy.

In this tutorial you'll learn a few different ways of sharing your project with your colleagues:

# Share a project with a specific Mergin Maps user

Your projects are stored in your workspace. If you want to share a project with someone else, they need to be invited to your workspace. There are different levels of access to a project or to a workspace you can guarantee to other users. They are described in detail in Member Roles and Permissions.

Here, we will share the trees-and-hedges project with Henry.

  1. Navigate to app.merginmaps.com and Sign in
    Sign in to Mergin Maps dashboard

  2. You will see the Mergin Maps dashboard with recent active projects
    Mergin Maps dashboard

  3. Navigate to the Projects tab in the left panel to get to the projects page with the list of your projects.

    Select a project you want to share with someone from the list. Here we selected trees-and-hedges.
    Projects tab on Mergin Maps dashboard

  4. Now you will see project details. There is a Collaborators tab where you can find the list of people who have access to this specific project.

    To invite a new collaborator, click on the Share button.
    Mergin Maps dashboard share project with collaborators

  5. Enter the email or Mergin Maps username and specify Project permission.

    You can enter multiple emails or usernames in the Share with field and invite multiple people at once.

Share project invitation form

  1. Click on the Share button to send the invitation. An email with a link will be sent to the recipients.

    If they already have a account, they will be also notified through the dashboard and can accept the invitation here.
    Dashboard notification - invitation to a workspace

In this case, we invited Henry as a writer to the trees-and-hedges project. By doing so, Henry became a guest in our workspace. He can now add or edit features in the trees-and-hedges project, but cannot access other projects.

List of users who have access to your projects as well as their role can be found in the Members tab in the left panel of the dashboard.
Mergin Maps dashboard members tab

# Share a project with many users

If you wish to share a project with more than a handful of users, this method may save you some time.

  1. Go to app.merginmaps.com and Sign in

  2. Navigate to the Projects tab in the left panel and select a project from the list of projects. Here we use trees-and-hedges.
    Projects tab on Mergin Maps dashboard

  3. Select the URL in the browser and copy it
    Copy Mergin Maps project URL in the browser

  4. Send this link to the people you wish to share the project with.

    When they use the link, they will initially be prompted to sign in or register with Mergin Maps. Once logged in, they will have the option to Request access:
    Request Access to a private project

  5. Project access requests will be displayed in the Collaborators tab of the project.

    Accept or deny requests as needed.
    Project access requests in Mergin Maps


    We always recommend verifying the requester's Mergin Maps username before accepting access requests.

# Learning more about collaboration

This tutorial introduced basic ways of sharing your project. Whether you use Mergin Maps to share project with a few friends or collaborate on it with a larger group of coworkers, we recommend to get familiar with the basics about permissions, synchronisation and project management: