# Subscriptions and Invoicing

Mergin Maps Service offers a free plan for up to 100 MB data usage. Free plan can be used to host projects for commercial use only for the first month. Non-commercial use is considered for personal (hobby) use, or in academia (teachers, students).

We offer discounts for non-profit or charity organisations, please contact us.

For more storage you can choose one of the two plans for users ("Individual" 1GB or "Professional" 10GB storage) or a plan for an organisation ("Team" 50GB storage).

For the details visit the pricing page.

org profile

# Individual and Professional plans

To sign up to Individual or Professional plan:

  • Select Subscription from the left panel
  • In the new page, select one of the options to be Billed monthly or Billed annually
  • Select the appropriate plan by clicking on Subscribe
  • In the new page, fill in the form
  • Select Complete Purchase

# Team plan

As an organisation you can subscribe to the 50GB Team plan. Organisations are more flexible in user management and have finer control over individual project sharing. Also we support extended invoicing and support options for the organisations.

To subscribe to the Team plan, you first need to create an organisation:

  • From the left panel, click on + Create button in front of Organisations

  • Type a name for your Organisation name

  • Fill in the Description

  • Once the organisation is created, click on it from the left panel

  • This will switch to your organisation profile

  • From the left panel, select Subscriptions

  • In the new page, select one of the options to be Billed monthly or Billed annually and click on Subscribe button

  • In the new page, fill in the form with your details

    • VAT number is optional and only required if you want to use reverse charge VAT payments.
    • At this time we are not processing reverse-charge VAT payments but will be doing so in the future.
    • If a VAT number is entered, this must be associated with the address you enter below.
    • The address you enter must match the address registered with your payment method (e.g. credit card)
    • The address entered needs to match the VAT registered address

If you'd like to purchase the Team plan on annual basis and would like to make bank transfer payments, please contact us for manual invoicing.

# On-Premise deployment

If you want to have On-Premise deployment or looking for other options, please contact us directly.

# Accessing invoices and payment history

To download your invoices and see your payment history:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription in the left panel
  2. In the Subscription window, go to:
    • HISTORY to see your payment history
    • INVOICES to access your invoices

invoices and history

# Further information

Subscription plans can be also bought from the Mergin Maps Input (on Apple devices via in-app purchases).

Your subscription will auto-renew, either annually or monthly until you unsubscribe. You can cancel or change your subscription any time, with Apple Manage Subscriptions App or through merginmaps.com.