# Mergin Maps Enterprise Edition

    Mergin Maps Enterprise Edition (Mergin Maps EE) is a self-hosting option for those who want to run their own deployment of Mergin Maps. Mergin Maps EE is a containerised application which runs on a host machine using docker-compose (opens new window).

    We recommend using a dedicated host machine with 8GB of memory. The requirements for CPU and persistent storage depend largely on the frequency of project updates and the anticipated size of the data you expect to store respectively.

    How to Use Mergin Maps with a Custom Server will explain how to use Mergin Maps QGIS plugin and Mergin Maps mobile app with your Mergin Maps EE server.


    Interested in using Mergin Maps EE? More information about Mergin Maps EE, its features and pricing can be found on our website (opens new window).

    You can read more about Mergin Maps EE in our blog Mergin Maps Community and Enterprise Editions (opens new window).