# Working with Non-spatial Tables

Non-spatial tables are often a key part of a survey project. The tables can be used either on their own to add new data or alternatively as a link to a spatial layer (e.g. value relation).

We recommend using GeoPackage to save your non-spatial table. With this format, you can collaboratively edit the data and track changes.

# QGIS project configuration

Ensure you have enabled editing and searching of your non-spatial table in QGIS. For more details see QGIS Documentation QGIS documentation (opens new window).


# Browse, search and edit non-spatial data in Mergin Maps Input

To browse, search or edit a non-spatial table, first you need to open the attribute table.

To add a new record, select Add Feature. This will open a form to fill. By pressing Save, the new record will be added and Mergin Maps Input will take you back to the attribute of your table.

Similar to the vector layer attribute table, you can search your data.

Selecting an individual record, Mergin Maps Input will open the form related to the feature.