# Working with Non-spatial Tables

Non-spatial tables are often a key part of a survey project. The tables can be used either on their own to add new data or linked to a spatial layer, e.g. when linking multiple photos or records. They can be also used in value relation widgets.

We recommend using GeoPackage format to save your non-spatial table. With this format, you can collaboratively edit the data and track changes.

# Enable editing and browsing of non-spatial layers

Ensure you have enabled editing and browsing of your non-spatial table in Project Properties in QGIS.

QGIS project properties editing and browsing setup

# Non-spatial layers in Mergin Maps mobile app

Non-spatial tables can be browsed, searched and edited in the mobile app.

Tap the Layers button to open the list of layers, including non-spatial tables, in the project.

Layers in Mergin Maps mobile app

Tap on a layer to open its attributes table where you can browse the data and search for values. It is also possible to add and edit entries in the table.