# Transfer or delete a project

# Sharing

With the Mergin service, you can share your project with other Mergin users to view or contribute to it. There are two methods of sharing projects:

The first method is to go to the project setting and add user(s) with the type of permissions you'd like to assign to them. There are three types of permissions:

  • Owner: can read, write, delete the whole project. Owner can also further share the project
  • Write: can read and write the project data
  • Read: can only view the project and data (including project history)

Mergin sharing setting

Another method which is more suitable for sharing with a large number of users is to send them a link (e.g. Mergin Maps Project saber/zoomstack saber/zoomstack (opens new window)) to your private project. If a user does not have access to the project, there will be a button to request access. Note that user has to be logged into the Mergin to be able to see the request button:

Mergin sharing setting

Once the user requests access, the project owner(s) can open the project settings and grant them the appropriate permission:

Mergin sharing setting

# Transfer or Delete

To access the advanced project settings:

  • Select SETTINGS from above the project files
  • At the bottom of the page, you have three options:
    • Public/private setting: to make your project public or private. See permissions page for more details.
    • Transfer project: this option transfers the ownership of your project to another Mergin user or organisation. An email notification will be sent to user (provided that the notification is active under the user's profile). A notification will be also displayed on the user/organisation dashboard page to accept or reject the project transfer request. The request is valid for 6 days. After that period, if user or organisation does not accept the request, you will remain the owner of the project..
    • Delete project: to delete the project and all the data. Once the project and data are deleted, this action cannot be undone.

project advanced