# Custom Mobile App

The Input app (opens new window) is a great companion to Mergin as it provides seamless synchronisation of data between your phone/tablet and Mergin service. We know that sometimes people want a mobile app optimised for a specific use case rather than just using a general purpose app like Input.

The good news is that Input is licensed as open source software and therefore it is possible to build custom apps off it. Maybe you just want to change the branding or disable some functionality - or maybe you want a bigger overhaul of the user interface - anything is possible with a bit of development.

# GitHub

If you are interested in building a custom app, you can start by going to Input App repository (opens new window) on GitHub and building it for your platform. The Input SDK repository (opens new window) provides all the dependencies for various platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows).

For the Input source code and developers' documentation, you can visit lutraconsulting/input (opens new window).