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Uncomplicated mobile app

"Very stable and usable for field works. The app can open and visualize GIS data faster compared to other GIS apps"
Edip Ahmet TAŞKIN, Geomatics Engineer at Palet Construction Inc.

Capture points, lines or areas

Create map features with the most appropriate geometry type. Useful also for recording tracks.

See your data on the map

See data you capture on the map as you capture them. Your location is also visible to help with orientation.

Take geotagged photos

Save the location of photos so you can view them on the map. Supports multiple photos per map feature. Extract EXIF data.

Scan barcodes and QR codes

Extract data from QR and barcodes by scanning with the device's camera.

Works offline

Both data capture and editing work offline. Synchronize changes when connectivity returns. Supports pre-loading maps for offline use.

Runs on existing hardware

Designed to run on consumer-grade phones and tablets. Android and iOS versions. Supports external GPS receivers.

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new project versions with update of geo-data every week on Mergin Maps

Smart and safe data transfer

"I just synced the project and logged on – It works beautifully!"
Luke Lumbus, Arboricultural Consultant

Get QGIS projects onto your device in seconds

Easily synchronize QGIS projects between your desktop and different mobile devices.

Sync data with one press and no cables

Data is synced via the internet. No cables needed and you can even sync on the move.

Automatically and safely merge edits from different surveyors

Mergin Maps intelligently merges edits from different users, even if they both edited the same feature.

Safely work on the same geodata as others at the same time

Collaborate with other remote desktop or mobile users in near real time. See colleagues' changes as they're made.

Data stored safely in the cloud

Mitigate the risk of data loss from device theft or damage by syncing with Mergin Maps from the field.

Sync data between desktop, mobile and geodatabase

Mergin Maps connects all three using safe two-way synchronization. Connect your PostGIS database using mergin-db-sync.

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QGIS projects stored on Mergin Maps

Harness the power of QGIS

"All the features we needed to take our QGIS projects with us into the field."
Barnaby Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer at Ontix

Work closer with remote colleagues

See colleagues' changes as they make them. Safely work on the same data at the same time.

Create survey project with just a few clicks

Simple projects can be created from the mobile app. Our QGIS plugin simplifies the process of creating and validating more complex workflows.

Provides version control and backup for your projects

Each time you update a project, a new version is created. Previous versions can be downloaded if ever needed.

Open formats

Mergin Maps is closely tied to QGIS and uses some of the same open formats. Compatible with your existing QGIS projects.

Consistent map styles

Maps look the same on Mergin Maps Input as they do in QGIS. No need to change symbology or labelling settings.

World-class open source GIS

Take advantage of the many features of QGIS like creating printable maps or analyzing your data.

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